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I guess Carmen's drop was inevitable at this point. I feel kinda bad and kinda relieved at the same time. I feel bad because she did have CR with a few characters and I promised Valya I wouldn't give up so easily, but at the same time, it made me stress out and really nervous and it was more about making AC than having fun. I don't want RP to be work so, I guess this is a good thing in a way.

But goddamn, do I still feel bad.

Maybe I should concentrate more on writing than roleplaying, or roleplaying in a game at any rate. Small groups, it looks like I can handle, if UAPH and my tabletop groups are any indicator. I guess big crowds on the internet freak me out as much as big crowds irl.

I think I'm going to just play around in UAPH and maybe CLDR for a while again, if/when I do. And maybe make journals for my enginerd and psycho cat magician.

Oh right, first session on that sci-fi game, we have a ship that's a short trip transport vessel- It's designed to do maybe couple hour flights at a time. Our pilot hijacked it and "rewired" the engine...and basically turned it into a time bomb. Enginerd spends all the time anytime keeping the thing flying and trying to fix it up, and then they get attacked and almost shot down.

I say "almost" because I rolled a natural 20 and Enginerd fixed the engine at the last second to turn the crash landing into a controlled descent.

But at the end of that was still a smaller crash. And she took 17 damage as a result of being knocked around the engine room. She has 19 HP.
She was pissed at the pilot. PIIIIISSED.

My bf plays the pilot. He complained at me for half an hour about how I was playing her wrong and SHE SHOULD BE IMPRESSED and WHY ARE YOUR CHARACTERS ALWAYS SO MEAN TO MINE. Your character almost caused the death of this one. My character was pissy to yours in our last game because he called her a bitch and picked fights constantly. So yeah.

Anyway, then we discovered we crashed in the middle of nowhere. And the ship's wrecked.  We have to go through the wilderness, on foot, to the nearest settlement.

My bonus on rolls for this situation is plus 1.


Muselist - UPADTED 11/22/11

Texas ~ spurslikestars
Houston ~ energetic_heart
Fort Worth ~ longhorn_logo

Palestine ~ prison_blossoms
Coahuila ~ betweenhertrees
United Nations ~ united_grandpa

@ Dear Mun, CLDR, Museboxes etc...
Fennel ~ Original ~ moreamachinist
Shelby Harper/Miss H ~ Original/Parody ~ ruby_mephisto
Nail Amal ~ Sci Fi Original ~ enginesrpeople
jeepers_heapersMagical Surgeon Derek Stiles ~ Trauma Center/Sailor Moon Parody ~ magical_surgeon
GLaDOS ~ Portal Series ~ hanged_woman
Trilby ~ Chzo Mythos ~ grapplingbrolly
Jack Frost ~ Gaia Online ~ artcicle
The Warden ~ Super Jail! ~ super_jailer
Hank Crawford ~ Original ~ yallwatchthis
Carmen Murphy ~ Original ~ withoutpassions


CYOA - The Secrets of the Wild West

The little Texan town seem like it came straight from a movie set- Dusty, full of horses, wooden buildings lining the dirt street... It was a tourist trap, you knew that, but a well built one. You usually didn't put any interest in them, but somehow, a billboard promising a true adventure in the wild west pulled you in... And there you were.

It seemed like the moment you stepped out of the parking lot, you were in a different world. People were in the most convincing costumes, and they even talked like they were from the late 1800s. You weren't sure what to do, but you were here, so you may as well do something.

Do you...

[Check out the saloon.]
[Go see how the sheriff is doing.]
[Just take a stroll down the main street.]
[Meh... Go back to the parking lot.]

[[Oh yeah, choose your own adventure. Pick your path, it determines what characters of mine you meet and what your adventure will be.]]

Writer's Block: See you on the dark side

If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?

Hell no! There isn't any internet up there!

Mar. 17th, 2011


Title: Angry and Confused (Sturgis/Texas part two)
Pairing: Sturgis/Texas, implied New York/Texas
Other Stuff: Yup. Went there.

This will somehow end with West Virginia pegging everyone.Collapse )

Someone needs to stop me writing things.

More writings. Oh God.

Title: Men and Their Motorcycles
Rating: Is anything I write SFW? Really? [Answer = NO]
Pairing: Sturgis/Texas.
Other crap: If I do what I have an idea to do/plan to do, this will have...two or three more parts. Oh God.

Oh God whyCollapse )

2/2/2011 Draw Plurk!

Because random drawings are always relevant to interests, here's what I did in last night's "Lotta will draw what people tell her to" plurk. Minus the glaze related tangent. This was alot of fun to do. I think I'll start doing them regularly, if everyone else is up for giving me prompts.


I realize, I do complain about my boyfriend alot in the interwebbutts. So we're gonna balance it out.

Mushy stuff under the cutCollapse )